More than 150 apps for Hamradio Operators (also RTL-SDR stuff) ready out of the box on a live cd!

Ubuntu based

Shackbox is now based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS wich offers the best long time update garanty. For fit shackbox on a DVD, some of native parts of UBUNTU 12.04 had to be removed, such as the new UNITY interface for preserve the app menu tree,and all KDE related apps

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SDR & GNURadio support

Shackbox is the first and only linux live cd distribution offering to user sdr support ofr rtl2832 devices AND gnuradio-companion plug and play with no installation needed.

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24-7 Support

Shackbox is free to download, it s a choice i ve did,BUT i have also decided that support well be par of a 10$ per year membership, just because it s a lot of work for myself, and helping you guys for free, wouldn t help me at all. Hosting and maintaining takes me already lots of time, sure you understand.

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