Recommendation for poor contact: “USB connector exchange, DVB-T USB Stick (R820T)”

Contact of the USB connector TV28Tv2DVB-T USB Stice of (R820T) is … this is the worst, it’s the problem you have pointed out before, but feel when plugged anyway Ya adhesion of flux in passing Ska … almost there is also a thing that has come out of rust or discoloration. It can be used if you just use only, Hey What a quality of country C, this is I feel bad the quality is very recent ones, especially compared to initial. Solder also seen many things quite sloppy.
Well, sometimes you have disconnected all too soon, such as reception of ADS-B, and it has been extended with a USB repeater cable and USB extension cable tuners original. It is the effective means to directly below the antenna reception, but it will not make very troublesome need to be recognized again connect or disconnect the tuner at the site contact failure occurs once. When you received by the antenna directly under, let’s enough measures.
Refer to a tuner directly to the PC It is big no-no. You can find information fitted in. However, you should consider using a USB extension cable tuner also serves as prevention of leak noise from the PC of course … is loose.
I’ll try to raise the issue of the original USB connector.
Contact instability ⑤ disconnect number of times, which is also what is being corrosion flux adheres to the plating of ④ cover software freezes backlash ② connection after contact ① connector weak touches the big ③ running tuner will increase it will not recognize it becomes
Basic performance … the problem is good Hey there and well, and will teach you the improvements we want to try them. Earlier to say that defect report TV28Tv2DVB-T USB Stick of (R820T) Some of them are introduced but.
I’ll try to increase the improvement of the USB connector.
In the tape winding fixed (degree of difficulty ★) ① USB connector connection part (USB extension cable)
This will not fix the problem, but it is about prevention of freeze touch.
You are using a USB extension cable ② brand item (Difficulty ★ ★)
Resolve only budget, but the degree of contact is slightly better
Will be replaced with a high-quality ③ USB connector (Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
The difficulty is in removing the USB connector …
The connection to the solder and the USB cable ④ tuner board (Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
Most reliable if there is confidence in the arm! And to say that, I tried to replace the USB connector most solid.
(A type, male) was used as a replacement is a surface mount USB connector Akizuki Denshi Tsusho. Actual product photos and product introduction of the HP is slightly different.
(Shape of the rib is different, but is independent of the connection. Reprint from HP Akizuki e’s)
USB connector (A)
Press working (rib), differences in appearance, comes with a form etc. Chigae in general, those that do not come with a part of country C made often seen. The connector just for exchange … It is cost down, pressing of the cover, plating is also beautiful to resin portion of the interior has also been shaped clean.
R820T USB ①
Terminal differences are: (contact). The USB connector of the original, contact will be really weak for terminal is flat, but the terminal of the USB connector you have replaced, contact resistance has improved contact part has a convex shape. It looks terminal is lower than the resin part If you look at the terminal part of the original. Contact also I think in a weak for that? The backlash seems to be less for a replacement, resin part because it can be slightly larger for the original.
Software freezes in haste to the touch even a little USB part in running the case of the original tuner and try to actually use. However tuner after the replacement, did not freeze after compressing or pry or twist a little. Also, I had to freeze or between always If used for a long time, but does not have it! It was not a poor contact even after repeated insertion and removal. And I realized feeling when plugged anyway and is solid.
R820T USB ②
Why not? It is the important part to perform data communication and power supply, but the accuracy is too bad too. It’s not that say it can not be used in its original state, but it is a very important part as the electronic equipment. It is recommended that you try to check once. Such as there often is that the tuner can not be recognized in particular? Maybe you no longer recognize? I think if symptoms get such, it is good when I suspect the USB connector.
You will be omitted replacement procedure, but because it only install by removing the connector at the end.


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