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Airspy: tiny (5×3 cm) software defined radio capable of sampling 10MHz!

Airspy is a very tiny (5×3 cm) software defined radio capable of sampling 10MHz of spectrum anywhere between 24MHz and 1.7GHz. It is the fruit of countless hours of head scratching, fiddling and experimenting with the cutting edge Radio and DSP technologies. The early prototypes gave such an unexpected satisfaction to us and our friends, that we decided to give it a chance to survive commercially.





Technical specifications:

  • 24 – 1750 MHz RX range
  • 3.5 dB NF between 42 and 1002 MHz
  • 12bit ADC @ 20 MSPS (80dB SFDR, 64dB SNR, 10.4 ENOB)
  • Cortex M4F @ 200 MHz and up to 204MHz with Multi Core MCU (dual M0)
  • 1.5 ppm clock
  • External clock input (10 – 50 MHz)
  • 10 MHz panoramic spectrum view with 8MHz alias/image free
  • IQ or Real, 16bit fixed or 32bit float output streams
  • No IQ imbalance, DC offset or 1/F noise at the center of the spectrum
  • Extension ports: SGPIO, 2 x ADC channels, 2 x programmable clocks

Possible usages:

  • Spectrum Analyzer,
  • Fast scanner,
  • Radio surveillance,
  • Direction Finding,
  • Passive Radars,
  • ADS-B,
  • FM Radio,
  • Analog TV,
  • Digital Terrestrial TV,
  • Ham Radio,
  • Heck, this is a software defined radio! The only limitation is your imagination :-)

May be you will want to get one or two boards to experience the joy of listening to the radio waves like nobody did before and with software you can hack by yourself? Then register so we can let you know when the product is ready for purchase! Our special thanks to the all folks who helped debugging and improving the project.

source: airspy.com