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SDR-Radio V2 RTL-USB (How-To)

Simon was gracious enough to provide directions to build a DLL to directly support the RTL Dongle in his new SDR-Radio.com V2 application.  In an effort to help others out I have followed his directions and built the DLL to make it available to those who do not have the required development tools.  I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the following source code:


I followed the directions at: http://v2.sdr-radio.com/Configuration/RTLSDRs/BuildingDlls.aspx

In the zipfile you will see two directories:

If you are using a 64bit copy of windows you will need to copy the files in the 64bit directory to the following location:

C:\Program Files\SDR-RADIO-PRO.com

For 32bit windows copy them here

C:\Program Files (x86)\SDR-RADIO-PRO.com

Here is a link to the DLLs.

 SDR-RADIO.com.RTLUSB.zip Jan 6th 2013
SDR-Radio.com.RTLUSB-20130209.zip Feb 9th 2013
Here is a screenshot running my RTL Dongle listening to a local FM Radio broadcast.

Source: aa5sh.com